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Brightflash Illuminating Liquid Concealer (2ml) Save 15%
$31.75 $26.99
Fluid concealer pen, perfect for highlighting different areas on the face, reducing dark circles under the eye, and eliminating shadows.
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Concealer Save 15%
$20.00 $17.00
Stick concealer rich in vitamins. Perfectly corrects and veils small imperfections and discolorations. Multifunctional product
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Concealer Pencil Save 15%
$13.50 $11.47
Corrector pencil with the perfect shade to conceal discolorations, re-define an irregular or smudged lip contour, and retouch small spots that appear even...
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Mrs. Strobe Liquid (7.5ml) Save 15%
$22.00 $18.70
Ideal emulsion to emphasize the natural glow of the face. Due to its valuable texture, enriched with multifaceted pearl, gives a perfect adhesion to the...
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Weightless Liquid Concealer (7.5ml) Save 15%
$29.00 $24.65
Correction fluid, hydrates and minimizes dark circles and imperfections, visibly reducing puffiness.The formula contains a special filler, the intense...
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