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Anti-Cellulite Products

Algas Rojas Concentrate (8x10ml) Save 20%
$129.00 $103.20
Anti-cellulite reducing concentrate. Exercises highly-focused action on fat cells accelerating the process of lipolysis and promoting lymphatic...
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Lipolytic, reducing and firming cocktail, formulated with caffeine (5%) and centella asiatica that, combined specifically, treat the three phases of...
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Aparatology Line Firming Cream (500ml) Save 20%
$56.00 $44.80
Firming and restructuring body cream with lifting effect suitable for manual tightening massages and use in appliances/equipment. Treats sagging and...
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Aparatology Line Reducing Cream (500ml) Save 20%
$66.25 $53.00
Slimming and sculpting body cream with heat effect suitable for physio-active massage and equipment. Thermodynamic and draining body cream suitable for...
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C-L Emulsion Save 20%
$102.50 $82.00
Hyperaemic gel for localized fat. Thermo slimming gel with a heating effect. Stimulating, lipolytic and draining, with a venotonic effect, it contributes...
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