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Eyebrow mascara that colors, combs and fixes, for perfectly defined eyebrows, with a full effect. Packaging equipped with a special ergonomic applicator,...
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EW1 Trevi Grey
The elegant and refined eyebrow kit includes all that is necessary to emphasize, shape and define your eyebrows… close to perfection!...
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Enlightening eyeshadow pencil. It highlights the eyebrow arch, giving it a silky, full effect, perfect for the night, or a matte effect, perfect for a day...
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Eyebrow pencil that perfectly shape and define the eyebrows. Fine and slim stretch, for a natural result that redefines the contours of the eyebrows....
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Microblading Brow (22 Brunette) Save 20%
$25.50 $20.40
Water resistant, microblading effect eyebrow pencil. Precise and extremely natural stroke with a matte finish. Easy to apply and use. A moisturizing complex...
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