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Sensitive Skin Products

Highly moisturizing and soothing gel. Formulated based on pure Aloe Vera extract, easily absorbed and immediate freshness. Provides excellent regenerating...
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Day Cream. Cellular defense moisturizing cream. Cream formulated for skin prone to redness and hypersensitivity. Contains Agascalm®, a natural complex that...
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Facial and body scrub. Exfoliating cream that cleanses and absorbs impurities. It calms and protects, leaving the skin smooth and soft. With emollient...
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Instant soothing effect on skin-related hypersensitivity reactions. It maintains the skin's natural pH balance, increasing its hydration. Suitable for...
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Acts by limiting skin-related hypersensitivity reactions, soothing and protecting the skin. Its moisturizing properties promote skin strength and...
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