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Olimax Welcome Relaxing Oil Save 20%
$57.50 $46.00
Welcome Relaxing oil based on santolina, pinus sylvestris, lavender, thyme, ylang ylang, and geranium. Mixture of oils with calming properties that help...
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Olive Cream Save 20%
$213.00 $170.40
Complete massage cream with moisturizing, emollient, protective, and antioxidant properties. Its high content in olive oil, rich in vitamins, strengthens...
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Sesam Oil (500ml) Save 20%
$94.00 $75.20
Nourishing vegetable sesame oil. Massage oil with revitalizing, antioxidant, nourishing and soothing properties. It takes care of skin and provides softness...
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Therapy Vital Oil (500ml) Save 20%
$106.50 $85.20
Revitalizing rosemary oil. Massage oil with therapeutic, energizing, stimulating, toning and regenerating properties. With a fresh herbal perfume which also...
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