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Effectivity Skin Age Pack with Excellence Aqua Mousse

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Effectivity Skin Age with Excellence Aqua Mousse
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Anti-aging complete solution treatment. Powerful action against wrinkles, lack of smoothness and deficit of nourishment. Acts in the heart of cells to restore cutaneous alterations and to revert aging signs.

For professional use. 10 sessions.


  • Excellence Aqua Mousse Triple Action Cleanser and Toner (200ml): Triple action refreshing mousse that cleanses, tones and moisturizes. With great ability to retain water. Contains cereals and natural extracts of peach, apple, aloe vera and ginseng. Highly nourishing, regenerating and softening ingredients. It reduces the formation of wrinkles. Calms skin irritation and protects any type of skin.
  • Caviar & Pearl Cream (1u. x 50ml.): Preventive moisturizing and anti-aging cream, stimulant of the vital functions of the weakened skins by age and with nourishing, regenerating and revitalizing properties. Reshapes the micro relief of the skin and prevents sagging. Contains sunscreen.
  • Caviar & Pearl Peeling (1u. x 50ml.): Nourishing and renewing peeling. Renewing peeling with AHAs. Specifically formulated to regenerate and nourish deeply. With high cutaneous tolerance, it stimulates cell regeneration, increasing hydration.
  • Caviar & Pearl Specific Concentrate (5amp. x 5ml.): Intensive rejuvenating concentrate. Ultra concentrate with melting texture and with an intense rejuvenating action that restores and maintains the elasticity, hydration and nourishment lost. Stimulates the epidermal renewal and repairs the alterations of the skin affected by aging.
  • Gold Mask (1u. x 50ml.): Intensive rejuvenating mask. Powerful combination of active ingredients with anti-aging global effect. It nourishes, regenerates and prevents the formation of peroxides, which are responsible for the deterioration of cells. Brightening and softening properties.