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Revitalizing Pack

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Revitalizing Pack
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Revitalizer Mask (200ml) - With a moisturizing and regenerating action, it is a cream mask with thermal mud indicated for all skin types. Its regular use makes skin look brighter, softer and younger. It offers in-depth moisturization, providing the necessary nutrients to prevent skin dryness, which causes early aging. It is essential for basic skin treatment and care, preserving the optimum appearance and condition of face, neck and chest skin. Activator of the cellular functions with an intensive revitalizing action. Protects from the first signs of ageing. Inhibit skin inflammatory action preventing the formation of free radicals. Indicated for devitalized skin and lack of brightness.

Collagen Concentrate (6x5ml) - Ultra-moisturizing effect that helps to prevent wrinkles and sagging skin. The underlying fibrous network of the skin recovers its structure and increases water retention in the deep tissue, plumping the skin. Indicated for all types of skin in need of preventing or treating wrinkles, sagging skin or dehydration.