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Proteoglycans + HC Ampoules (30amps. x 2ml)

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Facial solution with an advanced formulation of proteoglycans, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C. Moisturizes immediately and throughout the day. Provides luminosity, elasticity and firmness to the skin, while helping to eliminate expression lines and wrinkles. Hydrates, firms, illuminates and repairs.

Indicated for all skin types. Especially for dry skins. For oily skins it is recommended to use at night. Not tested on animals.

Ingredients: Proteoglycans, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C

How to use: For a home monthly treatment, you will receive 30 ampoules of 2ml each (containing a safety ampoule breaker) to be applied daily, half ampoule in the morning and half in the evening. After cleaning and toning the face, apply to face, neck and neckline with a gentle massage until completely absorbed. Its use is recommended during the 24 hours following its opening. Then apply the cream most suitable for your skin type.