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1 Cinnamon Essential Oil (15ml) - Ideal for working in circulatory and volume reduction massages. Relaxes and helps minimise fatigue. Helps encourage creativity

1 Fennel Essential Oil (15ml) - With a great detoxifying effect, it is perfect for use in anti-cellulite and draining treatments. Very suitable for relieve sore muscles. It is also ideal for relaxing both physically and mentally.

1 Lavender Essential Oil (15ml) - It is the relaxing oil par excellence, and one of the most versatile and recognized for its aroma. Provides harmony and well-being, favoring physical, mental and emotional serenity. Helps improve concentration. It is also very suitable to work in circulatory and firming massages.

1 Lemon Essential Oil (15ml) - Boosts concentration and it is excellent in anti-stress treatments. It has oxygenating and antioxidant properties, making it ideal as anti-ageing oil. Promotes the action of any other oil.

1 Orange Essential Oil (15ml) - Citrus scent with antioxidant properties. In massage, it helps improve mood and get to sleep. It is also very suitable to enhance the anti-cellulite treatments.

1 Tea Tree Essential Oil (15m) - In decontracting massages, it alleviates and relaxes muscle fatigue. In relaxing massages, it relieves physical exhaustion and helps recharge energy. Ideal for oily skin thanks to its regulatory capacity, and also for acneic skin for its antibacterial properties.

1 Anubis Barcelona Pitcher

All Essential Oils are 100% Natural.