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Absolute Perfection & Rejuvenating Duo Pack

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Achieve perfection with your makeup using this duo!


Absolute Perfection Foundation - Liquid, natural and light texture foundation. foundation. It sublimates the complexion, hides imperfections, it is extremely comfortable and moisturizing. Leaves the skin velvety and soft to the touch. Long lasting formula enriched with Signaline-TMS - botanical, nourishing and regenerating cellular activation signal. Vitamin E known for its anti free radical and antioxidant properties. Long lasting formula. Matte effect. Healing and cosmetic action. Prepares - covers - corrects.

Face Rejuvenating Primer - Hydrating and anti-aging face primer with a light formula. Rich in active ingredients, it promotes skin hydration and prevents wrinkles. It’s the perfect base for any makeup or to use as your daily face cream. it contains the ATPeptide, an energizing and revitalizing peptide that stimulates cell metabolism, preventing and slowing down the aging process.

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