Everline One: 1.5 Hair Color Kit

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Everline Color Kit_7/0
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Color you hair with ease with this convenient duo! Recommended for all hair types.


  • One: 1.5 Hair Color (100ml) - One:1.5 color is declined in shades that can be mixed for a complete and outstanding color palette. Bright shades, perfect shine, total grey hair coverage, lightening up to 4 dye tones, delicate formula on hair and skin. The innovative color line, enriched with jasmine and tuberose fragrances, is formulated with specific active ingredients which guarantee and increase the color performance.
  • Peroxide Hair Color Activator Oxidant Cream 20 Vol. 6% (150ml) - Oxidant cream specifically formulated to be mixed with the technical products dedicated to color. Valid electrostatic for hair that will be easy to comb and soft.

How to use:

1 - Put on disposable gloves.
2 - Prepare and wear the disposable cape.
3 - Pour 50 ml (half tube) of the One: 1.5 color tube into a bowl and gently add + 75 ml (half bottle) of Peroxid Cream.
4 - Gently mix the mixture, using a brush.
5 - Brush the hair well and proceed with the application of the color. Apply the dye on the roots to retouch.
6 - Leave on for 30 minutes. If necessary, before the last 5 minutes of laying, massage the dye all over the hair, with the help of your hands (always equipped with gloves).
7 - Proceed to rinse by washing the hair with shampoo and mask.

Dye Color:
7/0 Blonde