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Shining Line Whitening Cream

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Protecting whitening cream with non-greasy texture and rapid absorption, with double filter sunscreen, suitable for all skin types. Its use contributes to depigment and even skin tone. Has the ability to inhibit the synthesis of melanin by blocking the tyrosinase enzyme and enhance its whitening effect.

The synergy between its actives also provides skin regenerative, restorative, moisturizing and softening properties. The provided hydration is due to its ability to reduce the pH of the stratum corneum, thus favoring its keratolytic and moisturizing effect, giving global UV protection, moisturizing and slowing the skin hyperpigmentation. Contains sunscreen.

Indicated for all type of skins, especially:
- Hyperpigmentated skins
- Skins prone to spots
- Olive and dull skins with uneven tone
- Post-acne spots
- Asphyxiated skins

 Ingredients: kojic acid, salicylic acid, aloe vera, bearberry extract, sodium pca.


Shining Line Protocols (Part_6_Tec_Dossier_SHINING_LINE_EN.pdf, 4,483 Kb) [Download]