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Shining Line Whitening Home Treatment Promo Pack

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SL Home Promo Pack
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This pack contains what you need for an at home whitening/depigmenting treatment!


  • 1 Shining Line Whitening Cream (60ml) - Protecting whitening cream with non-greasy texture and rapid absorption,
    with double filter sunscreen, suitable for all skin types. Its use contributes to depigment and even skin tone thanks to the joint activity of its whitening actives, which have the ability to inhibit the synthesis of melanin by blocking the tyrosinase enzyme and enhance its whitening effect.

  • 1 Shining Line Whitening K Mask (50ml) - Whitening and illuminating mask with pleasant texture. With effective  skin lightening actives that act synergistically, effectively inhibits the activity of melanogenesis.
  • 1 Shining Line Whitening K Emulsion (50ml) - Emulsion with intensive effect, with light texture, rapid absorption,
    and that unifies skin tone. It produces a lightening and moisturizing effect.