Anubis Barcelona Summer Pack

Anubis Barcelona Summer Pack

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Anubis Summer Promo Hydra
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The Anubis Barcelona Summer Pack has what you need for Summer! It includes:

1 Protective Line SPF 50+ Very High Protection Cream, Size: 75ml - Ultra-light melting texture. Combination of filters that protects throughout the year and ensures a very high protection against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays for all skin types

1 Body Line Hydra Skin (250ml) - Effectively combating dehydration of the skin, providing flexibility and performing a powerful antioxidant action. The moisturising and emollient properties of this body milk are ideal for treating the driest skins. The result is a deeply hydrated, soft and toned skin.


1 Body Line Velvet Skin (250ml) - Easily absorbed body milk with rose hip, ideal for daily use. The rose hip oil, extracted from the seeds of rosa canina fruit, helps nourish the skin in depth, as well as soften it and promote its regeneration. The result is a remarkable improvement in appearance and a protected skin against the effects of photoaging.

And 1 FREE Summer Bag - It's perfect for holding your belongings when going to the beach or the pool.