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Total Hydrating Moisturizing Red Pack

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Moisturizing gift pack that moisturizes immediately and throughout the day. Maintains skin' s elasticity. Helps repair the effects of premature aging.

Indicated for all skin types with signs of dehydration, redness, and/or premature aging. Especially for devitalized dry-combination skins with expression lines and wrinkles.


  • Total Hydrating Bi-Gel (50ml): Simultaneous hydration both deep-down and on the surface. Immediate moisturizing effect gives the skin a more homogeneous appearance while its deep hydrating action is progressive and longer-lasting. Indicated for all types of skin in need of protection and a higher level of hydration.
  • SPECIAL SILVER EDITION Excellence Eye Contour Cream (15ml): With an anti-stress, protective and moisturizing action, it prevents the formation of expression lines and wrinkles, while reducing the existing ones. Its effective draining and tautening action, due to the innovative combination of vitamins A, E and C, collagen, elastin, iodine and caffeine, is visible after a few weeks of treatment. Its draining effect is useful to treat the appearance of under-eye pouches and signs of tiredness. With a smooth texture and easy penetration, this cream actively revitalizes, regenerates, tautens and soothes eye contour skin. Contains sun protection.
  • Hyaluronic Concentrate (4amp x 1.5ml): Moisturizing, antioxidant, firming and, anti-wrinkle properties.

Order of usage:

  • Step 1: Hyaluronic Concentrate 4amp. x 1.5ml.
  • Step 2: Total Hydrating Bi-Gel, 50ml. 
  • Step 3: Excellence Eye Contour Cream Silver Edition, 15ml.