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Shining Line Whitening Red Pack

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Whitening and depigmenting gift pack that reduces and removes skin spots. Helps repair the effects of photo-aging. Provides the skin with luminosity and uniformity. Protects against the harmful effects of the sun.

Indicated for hyperpigmented and/or sun-aged skin. Indicated for skins that require, in a quick way, to smooth expression lines and/or to attenuate the signs of aging caused by photo-aging.


  • Shining Line Whitening Cream (50ml): Protecting whitening cream with non-greasy texture and rapid absorption,
    with double filter sunscreen, suitable for all skin types. Its use contributes to depigment and even skin tone thanks to the joint activity of its whitening actives, which have the ability to inhibit the synthesis of melanin by blocking the tyrosinase enzyme and enhance its whitening effect.
  • SPECIAL SILVER EDITION Excellence Eye Contour Cream (15ml): With an anti-stress, protective and moisturizing action, it prevents the formation of expression lines and wrinkles, while reducing the existing ones. Its effective draining and tautening action, due to the innovative combination of vitamins A, E and C, collagen, elastin, iodine and caffeine, is visible after a few weeks of treatment. Its draining effect is useful to treat the appearance of under-eye pouches and signs of tiredness. With a smooth texture and easy penetration, this cream actively revitalizes, regenerates, tautens and soothes eye contour skin. Contains sun protection.
  • Ferulic Concentrate (4amp x 1.5ml): Protective, anti-aging, lifting, and antioxidant properties.

Order of usage:

  • Step 1: Ferulic Concentrate 4amp. x 1.5ml.
  • Step 2: Whitening Cream, 50ml. 
  • Step 3: Excellence Eye Contour Cream Silver Edition, 15ml.