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Shining Line Whitening Kit

Price in points: 1500 points
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Total depigmenting treatment.


  • 1 Whitening Mask (20ml): Whitening and illuminating mask with pleasant texture. With effective actives that act synergistically, effectively inhibits the activity of melanogenesis. Stimulates collagen synthesis, protects against oxidation and free radicals reversing the adverse effects from them. Gives the skin a soothing and softening, moisturizing and emollient effect, accelerating cell regeneration and mitigating premature aging by inhibiting enzymes that degrade skin proteins.
  • 2 Whitening Mela5 Concentrate: Gel-like concentrate with Melavoid® and Niacinamide®. With a target effect, it acts on the process of melanin synthesis formation, reducing the number and intensity of spots. Help to the skin tone in a homogeneous and uniform way, giving it luminosity. It also prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduces the visibility of pores and strengthens the skin’s natural defenses to maintain its hydration.

For all type of skins, especially:
- Hyperpigmentated skins
- Skins prone to spots
- Olive and dull skins with uneven tone
- Post-acne spots
- Asphyxiated skins