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Sublime D-Lift Multivitamin Lifting Action Professional Pack

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Lifting Action MULTIVITAMIN LIFTING Professional Treatment
Treatment with innovative high-performance formulas with immediate and progressive lifting effect, suitable for appliances.
Infusion of vitamins that detoxify the skin, smooth its texture, and helps tighten pores.

Lifting solution designed to raise the 4 key points: Neck, Chin, Cheekbone and eyebrow
Powerful treatment for the most demanding skin
Professional treatment compatible with aparatology (ultrasound, galvanic, electroporation, photo therapy, electroestimulation)
Based on 4 key steps: (Activation, Firmness, Vitamin Infusion, Reconstruction)


LIFT ACTIVE PEEL 20ml: Exfoliation and enhancing activation, Skin activation peel with Phloretin, Ferulic Acid, and Retinyl. With an exfoliating and antioxidant action, it acts as an enhancer of the vitamins that will be applied afterwards as a result of its active ingredients

DMAE C-LIFT CONCENTRATE 1.5ML x 5u.: Tightening Action Concentrate, with DMAE, pure vitamin C, and Elastin peptides, it fights against flaccidity and increases  muscle tone, exerting a lifting effect on the face, neck, and decollete. It also diminishes the formation of wrinkles and expression lines.

VITAMIN LIFT MASK, 50ml: Lifting mask with vitamins, Facial mask with ZIRHAFIRMĀ®, salicylic acid, and vitamins B3, B5,C E. This mask exerts and immediate lifting effect, while preventing flaccidity and sagging of the facial oval. Provides luminosity restoring  tone and firmness to the skin

SESAM OIL 20ml: Organic Elixir, Organic sesame oil very rich in essential fatty acids (omega/3/6/7/9) and vitamin E, Widely used as a facial cleanser, and also as an anti-aging treatment, as it contains antioxidants beneficial to the skin that slow down cellular aging. A true age-defying elixir the nourishes , moisturizes, and balances the skin.

For Professional Use Only