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AnubisMed Lipo Reducing Cream (150ml)

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Lipolytic, reducing and firming cream. Indicated for the treatment of cellulite, both generalized and localized. Reduces accumulated body fat due to its ability to transform inactive adipose tissue, which accumulates fat, into tissue that actively burns it. In addition, it moisturizes immediately and lastingly, reducing skin flaking and helping to firm the skin.

Its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect makes it ideal to apply immediately after the treatment of AnubisMed Lipo Reducing Cocktail in the cabin.

Ingredients: Lipout®, Hydromanil®, Caffeine, Menthol, Polyplant®

How to use: Apply in general where cellulite is present or in localized areas to be treated (abdomen, legs, thighs and/or arms). Massage vigorously upwards until the product is completely absorbed.