AnubisMed Cocktail Hair Loss Treatment (5u.x10ml)

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With more than 50 active ingredients that act in synergy to prevent and slow hair loss. Strengthens the hair, increases the thickness and the volume and it contributes to maintain a revitalized and healthy scalp.

Sterile product. Recommended to be used with Skinpen/Dermapen but can be used with applicances: electroporation, galvanic current, and virtual mesotherapy.

Indicated for:

• Hair loss in men and women
• Fragility and debilitation of the hair
• Miniaturization of the hair bulb
• Devitalized and malnourished hair

Ingredients: Biomimetic peptides, Growth factors, Vitamins, Amino acids, Minerals, Coenzymes, Nucleic acids, Antioxidants.


First cycle* - 1 treatment once a week during the first month.
Second cycle* - 1 treatment every 2 weeks during the second month.
*The interval between treatments and the rest periods will vary accordingly by professional prescription.

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